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Interested In a Fun Cash-Based Business Opportunity?

There are literally hundreds of thousands of t-shirt designs available.

We experimented over the years with several other t-shirt designs but it usually came down to two or three shirts that sold the best, it all depends on peoples tastes.

We found simply using two to four designs was enough. Carrying any more than that makes it less portable and with our designs we didn't really have too.

 Summer was our best time to sell (because we were partying more) however there is absolutely no time that you cannot sell these. Winters we spent skiing and partying on beer gardens.Oh yeah, Christmas is an especially good time for sales.

 Your limited only to your imagination! Where to sell, how to sell, whom to sell too....It's up to you. Sell to family & friends, strangers (soon to be friends), stores, you get the idea!

 In every situation we have people wanting your name and number for orders and repeat orders. Once their friends see these, then they want one or two. Meet more friends...make more money!

It can't get much better tor easier than that.


Business Opportunity

   You can purchase designs already silkscreened on shirts or if you want to go one step better, our designs are available on heat transfer material. This allows you several benefits;

#1 Cheaper costs: If you order heat transfers from us we can ship you a hundred or more tranfers in a small box. Once the transfers reach you simply locate your own supplier

for t-shirts. Shirts can range from a dollar per shirt to six or eight for great quality shirts.

Keep in mind you usually get what you pay for but with proper purchasing and a fairly large

order you should be able to buy good quality shirts for around $4.00    


Note: We find that if you try sell a poor quality shirt, (even with a great logo) you will lose out on more sales than it is worth. People recognize quality, so give them that up front and you will

end up with more sales as a result. It may cost you a dollar or two more, but you'll get alot of repeat sales. If you cannot get your own t-shirts at a good price, you can order then through us. (We have good connnections, so you can get them cheap like we do.

Our heat transfers ARE NOT POOR QUALITY! Years ago heat transfers like the ones you see in some malls were poor quality and often cracked and flaked off after even a few washes.

The process we use is called a "Hot Split Transfer" process. This assures that the transfer is

top quality, has long lasting color and lasts as long as silkscreening.


Again, you can't sell poor quality or you will lose sales.


Once you receive your transfers, the best way to put them onto your shirts is with a

heat press machine. These machines are relatively small, affordable and portable. With one of these machine and your transfers in hand you can go virtually anywhere and produce as many shirts of whatever size or color you may need. This eliminates the need to stockpile several different sizes and colors so you have various sizes to supply.

 No shit, it’s like printing freaking money.

 In a traditional silk-screening order situation, you order the sizes, styles and numbers you want, get them processed and you then have a full order. HOWEVER if you soon run out of X-tra larges for example,

you would then have to wait for another order to be run. The set-up charges can be very constricting when it comes to small orders and you are often left with odd size and color orders.

By Using the heat transfer machine and the tranfers, if you run out of a size or color you are able to simply buy more shirts of whatever you may need and continue to print them. Any size, Anywhere, Anytime.You can basically run out of the back of a car or van. You just need access to 120 volt power source.