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This hilarious shirt will get you all kinds of laughs, thumbs-up and dirty looks!

Sure it'll trigger all those prudes, but that's what it's all about, right? If someone can't handle a parody shirt of a half-Man half-Moose getting head from a buxom blond bombshell, then that's their problem!</p>

Most people with give it a double take and then laugh and smile at its genius. If someone gets in your face about being offended, tell them to "go fuck yourself!".

The shirt is a parody of a popular beer sold in Canada and the US. It shows a part Man part Moose holding up a can of beer while a sexy blond chick gives him a good old Canadian hummer! In the background, you'll see what appears to be a tropical island and the sun setting on this naughty scene. Moose Man is clearly enjoying the blowjob and is lifting his can of beer to salute all the badasses worldwide

As you can see the alcohol content of this fine fantasy beverage is 6.9% alcohol, which is the inspiration for the next sexual position that Moose Man and his busty helper have on the agenda. Who knows what else this dynamic duo will try next!

This t-shirt is available in 8 sizes from small to 5x-large, and we have 12 colours available for your wearing pleasure.


Isn't the Moose Canada's official animal?
Many people wrongfully believe that the Moose is Canada's official animal, as the Moose can be found in all Canadian provinces. Others think that the Cougar is the official animal, as they are found in every pub and bar across the great country of Canada. But the real official furry creature of Canada is the Big Brown Beaver, and I don't have to tell you why ;)
Won't this shirt offend someone?
Hopefully. After all isn't that what free speech and free expression are all about! They may not like it, but they'd better be willing to die fighting for your ability to wear it; otherwise, what kind of citizen of a free country are they ;) These days, with an overabundance of so-called "safe spaces", the offended will not have to travel far to find a place to regain their cowardice and find a way to carry on with life.
I'm a woman, can I wear this shirt?
Absolutely! You'll have all the guys swarming you to get a closer look! Without saying a single word, they'll know that you're a fun loving gal that ain't shy, and has a great sense of humour. You'll be an icebreaker that will make even the shyest hunk drop his defences and open up to you; what he says or does is out of our control, but if you can handle wearing this naughty shirt, you can handle anything!
Can I wear this shirt to school?
Not if you're attending one of those bizarre liberal bastions of higher education. They'll probably have you carted away in a straight jacket if they get their way ;) If you do though, you'll be the talk of the campus and will no doubt have to fend off the SJW onslaught, so be prepared... It's best to wear it after hours when all the crybabies are back at home with their teddy bears :) The girls that like the shirt and are not offended will be the keepers ;)
Why should I not buy this shirt?
There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't buy this shirt ;) Even if all you do is mount this baby on the wall of your man cave, you'll never regret the purchase and you might even have to buy a second one because one of your buddies will surely insist on adopting it! And if anything goes wrong in regards to this shirt, just blame Canada!